We’ve got some new documents from USS

You’ll all be aware of our letter to the USS trustees asking for data and documentation that underpin the valuation of the USS fund. We had a reply from USSL’s solicitors — more on the detail of the letter later — which provided several documents to us. It turns out that these documents provide new information not previously available publicly! (They didn’t provide us with most of what we asked for, but that’s a post for another day…)

The documents provided are:

  1. Consultation report on initial conclusions on scheme covenant, which includes examples of the sensitivity analysis;

  2. Response to the Valuation Discussion Forum, 24 Nov 2016;

  3. Methodology and Inputs for the 2017 Valuation, February 2017;

  4. Technical Provisions consultation document and addendum;  

  5. Imperial USS Presentation, 23 Nov 2017 (available on USS website).

  6. Fundamental Building Blocks approach to expected investment returns (March 2018);

  7. Videos and accompanying papers providing overviews of various elements of the valuation process;

  8. 2017 Scheme Report and Accounts including covering explanation

  9. 2017 Report and Accounts for USSL 

  10. 2017 Governance Report for USSL

  11. A Q&A document and multiple blog posts regarding the valuation process 

  12. A summary of the Scheme Actuary’s Report for the purposes of Rule 76.1

They can now all be found on USS’s website and in the event that they disappear, we have all the files in a google drive.

We will be posting a series of “peer reviews” of these documents in the coming days, but we’d like to invite everyone who is interested to write their own peer review, and to send it to us at contact@uss-justice.org and we’ll add them to our series.


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