Association Rules

These rules were drafted by Ilepele Mapemba and Tala Ghassan Abdul Jabbar, students on the Equity and Trusts module at Sussex Law School.

  1. Academics for Pensions Justice (APJ) is committed to campaigning to secure justice for all members of the University Superannuation Scheme by, and not limited to, negotiations, lobbying, activism and using legal avenues.
  2. The current members of APJ are Dr Ruth Stirton, Professor Alastair Hudson, Professor Lindsay Stirton, Professor TT Arvind and Professor Nicolette Priaulx.
  3. The members will act to further the aims of APJ.
  4. All work undertaken by the members shall be done so voluntarily and without remuneration.
  5. Members are committed to explicit transparency and openness by, and not limited to, disclosing APJ’s expenditure as well as the reasons behind any decisions and actions taken.  This clause shall not apply to legally confidential material.
  6. Members must agree unanimously to any prospective membership applications.
  7. If any more members join, the founding members shall remain the managing committee for the association.  New members may be admitted to the managing committee through a unanimous decision of the committee.
  8. All funds raised through CrowdJustice shall be held by APJ’s solicitors for the sole use of its specified purpose.  In the event that excess funds remain, they shall be returned to CrowdJustice and dealt with according to their terms and conditions.
  9. Funds must be used consistently with the purpose and values of this association.
  10. Any decision by the managing committee to open a bank account must be unanimous.  Funds must be held in a trustee bank account with at least two of the managing members as trustees.  Members must publish rules on APJ’s website regarding the use of all funds.  Any amendments to those rules must be agreed upon unanimously and shall be published on the association’s website with a sufficient notice period to give effect to any changes.
  11. Committee members have the right to investigate and end the membership of individuals who behave in ways inconsistent with the rules and values of this association.
  12. Members can resign at any given time, provided that they submit written notice to the remaining members specifying their final date of membership.  Their contractual rights and obligations will no longer be enforceable thereafter. This will not affect the contractual status of the prevailing members, including persons who subsequently became members, as long as two remain.
  13. The dissolution of the association shall be decided by the remaining members.
  14. Changes to these rules must be agreed unanimously by the managing committee.  Where additional members have been admitted, a simple majority vote is also necessary.  Any change to rule 10 must also be published on the website for a sufficient period prior to being adopted.
  15. Any change to the name must be agreed unanimously by the committee. Where additional members have been admitted, a majority vote is also necessary.